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Photo credit: U. S. Customs & Border Protection That much cash will cure something. A man flying to the Middle East was busted at JFK Airport earlier this month with over $770G in cash hidden in boxes of Alka-Seltzer, Thera-flu, and Band-Aids inside his checked luggage, feds say. Abdulkarim Altareb was trying to get on a plane to Qatar on March 1 when Customs officers asked him to declare all the cash he was carrying. Altareb wrote on a customs form that he had $6,500 — under the $10,000 limit — but then pulled out just $5,870. “Examination of two pieces of luggage checked by the defendant revealed more than $770,000 in additional United States currency, concealed in various places, including boxes of the following: hand soaps; band-aids; Thera-flu; Splenda; and Alka-Seltzer. Cash was also hidden in soles of shoes, and in the lining of a jacket inside of one of the checked bags.” When Homeland Security officers showed up to question Altareb, he said, “We are trying to build a building in Yemen. This my brothers’, two brothers’ money.” He also said that some of the money was his and some was his family’s, and that he had a big family

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