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How many faces do you see?

How many full cubes can you count in this pattern?

What do you see?

Which way are the stairs headed? Up or down?

Look at the red lines, do they appear to be wavy?

Which line connects to line C? A or B?

Which black rectangle is bigger?

Can you find the lowest step in this image?

This is another one of those images that flip-flops back
and forth as you stare at it!

Do you see the two shades of green below?

Which man is the tallest in the picture below?

What do you see below?

Are you looking at this cylinder from left to right or right to left?

Which line is longer, AB or BC?

Which object is bigger?

Does this one make you dizzy?

Is the circle below perfectly round?

Watch these three cubes turn into only one.

Are you looking at the inside or outside of this magazine?

What is wrong with these pillars?

Is this a small cube inside a room or a big cube with
a notch taken out of it?

Look at the two dimensional image below.

Is the blue line in the middle a perfect square?

Take a look at the red lines on this picture. Which line is longer?

Watch this image and it rotates. At first you see what appears to be a young boy.


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